Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tired...and calling it a day...

I am so tired now of most of what passes for feminism on the internet, and especially on blogs. I am so tired of the bitterness and the lies that women use against each other to try and prove their point, to try and win the upper hand, to try and gain some small victory over another woman, as though that were ever the goal of true feminism. I am so tired of the lack of support of women who need it, and the lack of understanding for other women who need it, and the lack of empathy and respect for women who are different from the writer in some way that I see all too regularly in supposedly feminist places.

I'll tell you specifically what I'm tired of, if specifics are what you want. I'm not linking though, as I see no real merit in doing so, and it would probably only lead to more lies and more evidence of how women can be incredibly blinkered and not listen when another woman is saying something they don't want to hear, and which does not fit with their ideology. And because I don't want links on this blog to the hatred and hypocrisy spewed by some feminists. I'm tired, stone dead tired, of Heart's lies and half-truths, of Mary Tracy's assumptions, of Rebecca's utopianism, of Pisaquari's irrelevance, of Polly Styrene's offensiveness, of V's blinkeredness, of Amy's oppression olympics, of JusticeWalks' sickness, of Maggie's ignorance, of Witchy's egoism. I am equally tired of other women who would rather remain silent that call one of their number out on objectionable behaviour, or who will even stand on the sidelines and cheer other women-hating women along.

I am tired, and repulsed by, the anti-mother feminists, the anti-pregnancy feminists, the anti-wife feminists, the anti-sex worker feminists, the anti-children feminists, the anti-housewife feminists, the anti-choice feminists, the anti-trans feminists; who are all anti-woman feminists. And, if you spend much time at all looking at feminist blogs, you will soon see that that is not an oxymoron, but pretty much what is expected of a feminist running a blog in the 21st Century.

I'm too busy being a breeder and a baby factory and a colluder in the patriarchy to be bothered with any of the feminist blogosphere's shit anymore, so I am bowing out. Have fun - there are women out there I love and consider friends - and I'll more than likely be around commenting here and there, but for this blog, that's it.

Sex sells, and apparently so does rape...BOYCOTT PEPSI

Latest Pepsi ad - Trigger Warning - and details of how to complain.

Hat tip Belledame.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally! What "Heart"s blog should really be called...

"Small Paranoid Clique of Women Who Believe We're The Vanguard of Some Nebulous Revolution But Really Consists Of A Particularly Esoteric Version of a Fringe Section Of A Fringe Movement, At Least All The Ones Who Haven't Yet Crossed Heart Personally, Don't Mind Us, We Can't Find Our Collective Ass With Both Hands And A Flashlight, Let Alone Set The World On Fire. Move Along, Nothing To See Here Except An Amusing Trainwreck, Ever...'s Space."

Belledame of course, who else? lol :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There may be a short hiatus...

...I seem to have run out of energy and things to say all at once - things to say that are relevant to this blog anyway - and am generally a bit tired of the internet, and busy in real it seems a short break is called for...will be back soon ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

For those who may be interested...

...I have just set up a personal blog for myself to discuss home education, and specifically the home education, and life in general, of our son (whom I have given the alias 'Linden' - one of my original name choices for him which was vetoed by my husband!) - it's an interesting journey, and I find myself wanting to talk about it a lot, but Don't Stray from the Path doesn't seem the place to do that, hence the new blog.

It's called Car Parks and Digging, and the reason why is explained over there! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is heresy, and comments...

I have reinstated the This is Heresy post, which proved to be a massive turning point in my blogging life, and a separate post for the comments to This is Heresy onto this blog. They were on my old blog, and then I took them over to LiveJournal when I moved there, but I wanted them to be on here for continuity, and just because it makes more sense for them to be on here as I hardly look at my LiveJournal anymore.

This is Heresy... is here

This is Heresy comments are here...

Comments are open again on the 'comments' post.

I'll probably be moving more of the older stuff that I also took to my LiveJournal with me onto here as well in the future - slotted in at the correct dates etc - then everything will be in one place.

Me and my dog (again!)

Hugely pregnant (obviously!) with our son, who is now 2 years old, and a very happy-looking Willow using my bump as a pillow. Those dungarees were the most fantastic, comfortable item of clothing I've ever owned - I just lived in them for nearly the whole pregnancy. :)