Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is it me, or do they look like smiles?

Thanks to this brilliant post from Kim, I was reminded of a site I found a while ago where many women have shared photos of their caesarean scars.

"We feel these pictures will provide a resource that will be useful to many groups:

-Women planning a caesarean will be able to see for themselves how the operation is likely to affect them cosmetically.
-Caesarean mothers will be able to see for themselves the vast range of normal.
-Women who are left with unsightly scars may find courage to seek help.
-Medical professionals will be able to see the visual impact of caesarean birth."

I'm not quite brave enough to put a picture up of my caesarean and myomectomy scars (basically it looks like two caesarean scars a couple of inches away from each other) - one day I may, but not yet. But I just love looking at the photos on that site, not only because the scars look like smiles to me, but because we should not be ashamed of them, or our stretch marks (I have plenty of those, too), or our floppy bellies, or anything we have now that we didn't have before pregnancy and birth. Do go and have a look - those pictures are beautiful.

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