Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is heresy, and comments...

I have reinstated the This is Heresy post, which proved to be a massive turning point in my blogging life, and a separate post for the comments to This is Heresy onto this blog. They were on my old blog, and then I took them over to LiveJournal when I moved there, but I wanted them to be on here for continuity, and just because it makes more sense for them to be on here as I hardly look at my LiveJournal anymore.

This is Heresy... is here

This is Heresy comments are here...

Comments are open again on the 'comments' post.

I'll probably be moving more of the older stuff that I also took to my LiveJournal with me onto here as well in the future - slotted in at the correct dates etc - then everything will be in one place.

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